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Happiness. 💕 #snailmail #sendmoremail #snailmailrevolution #happymail #postcrossing #penpals
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Tomorrow’s #outgoingmail! 💕
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#calligraphy #pointedpen
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Matthias Heiderich
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Gotta finish everything today! Go Cai! 💪 #calligraphy #envelopes #whiteonkraft #pointedpen
Anonymous: hi, I really like your blog. <3 Have a great day!

Hello!! Too bad I don’t update this frequently anymore. :( Thank you, though! :)

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People are too talented sometimes.

Hello, my name is Carina, and I’m in the mood to write a few letters right now. I’m 19, so I would prefer people ages 18-21, but gender doesn’t really matter. It would be great to have a penpal from an english-speaking country, though. Anywhere in Europe sounds great, too. 

I was hoping I’d find someone I could write random stuff to, and it doesn’t really have to be serious all the time. When I feel like it, I do calligraphy, I sometimes paint, and I like to do crafts. I like dystopian, chicklit, and coming of age novels. I also like anything vintage or retro (ugh, pin-ups!!), Star Wars, The Little Prince, Hello Kitty (no judgey!). I spend my free time writing letters and postcrossing. I am also an Architecture student, so I like anything design-related. 

Good sense of humor +20 points LOL

Just leave me an email ( if you’re interested :)

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